Thursday, April 14, 2011

Hollow form Fun.

I ordered some1 mm brass sheet so I could try out some more hollow form shapes, similar to my week 4 efforts. It arrived this week.
Couldn't wait to get started on Wednesday. Pretty much the wall is constructed first then it is soldered to a slightly larger textured bottom plate. Then the excess is sawn and filed off, so the join doesn't show.
There must be a hole in it somewhere before the top plate is soldered on to allow the heat and gases to escape and avoid a hot metal explosion! So I measured out and drilled my holes for the chain at this point then soldered on the top. After more sawing, filing and sanding and it was all finished! Easy peasy :) Well, it's sounds easy but in real life it took me the best part of the day to do! Hopefully after I've done a few more of these I'll get my production time down a bit!

I'm loving the texture too. It's from a fibrous scrapbooking paper. Reminds me of Leather ;) Pin It


Crystal Flair said...

What lovely work Pam, I am sitting here champing at the bit hoping that TAFE have the numbers to run the Cert 2 again next year, going back to the basics and ingraining them is exactly what I need :)
Again lovely piece, you go girl ;)
Cheers Y

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Yvonne, Yes, I hope they do keep running it - it's a great course. I'm learning so much - I can't praise it highly enough. Claire is a great teacher.