Friday, January 28, 2011

JAW - Week 4

Busy week with other things so to make up for the lack of creativity - I've gone for multiples!

Some simple single bead earrings with square & rectangle beads and Rectangular ear wires.

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Sunday, January 23, 2011

JAW Week 3

This week I tackled an unfinished object. I have very many UFO's and I look at them periodically to see if they move me to finish them! Mostly they don't - but this week I saw this disc that I'd "bumped" texture wise and decided to make a pendant with it.

I'd  textured the metal previously with my Automatic Centre Punch - a neat tool that is designed for making a mark in metal where you want to drill a hole - it stops the drill bit from slipping.  I had more fun with my less boring use for it though. I loved the bumpy texture it made which I discovered when I was doing the holes in my button pendants.

Even though this is my personal challenge and I make the rules, I thought I'd better not cheat, so I made another piece of jewellery from scratch as well: the "(less)Bumpy" Earrings!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

JAW Week 2

Aargh, I'm only into week two of my personal challenge to make a piece of jewellery a week and I really thought it was going to go pear shaped this week - I've been very productive in other things around the house and at work this week but the week slipped by and I hadn't looked at my jewellery tools at all. (Except for my vice which is still attached to the meals area table from my last project -so it's hard to avoid,  in fact I even dusted it!)

Last chance today for week 2 so I knuckled down and made this little Pendant. It may seem like I have a haberdashery obsession but really I don't - it's just a phase I'm going through, but I do like all the bits and pieces when they're replicated in Silver :)

My pendant will be is up for sale soon here in This Etsy shop which has been set up by volunteer members of the Etsy Community to help raise funds for The Queensland Premier's Disaster Relief Appeal.
The shop is full of great stock, so check it all out, as proceeds (less Etsy & Paypal Fees) from your purchases will help the Victims from the recent tragic flooding in Queensland. Pin It

Sunday, January 09, 2011

JAW Week 1 - New Personal Challenge

I notice many bloggers set themselves challenges. The one that springs to mind is the photo a day challenge. One  friend Amanda has just finished her year of photos and another Feli has just started for the year.

Last year many jewellery artists took on the challenge to make a Ring a Day (RAD) and this year there's a Ring A Week (RAW)  challenge going on. I sat on the sidelines and watched  in awe at the creations and the commitment.

Inspired by this, I've set myself my own little personal challenge this year - My  Jewellery a week (JAW) project - It'll be a personal little motivational tool just for me to get me moving: off the computer (hopefully) and into production. And at the end of it all I hope to have at least 52 pieces of jewellery to show for it.
No other rules or conditions apply,  I'm just setting myself a goal to make at least one piece of jewellery a week.

Week 1: Handsawn and Textured Sterling Heart Pendant with Single Crystal drop.

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Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Years ago when the kids were younger we got a few little cacti and popped them in a terracotta bowl. It was something for the kids to grow. They lost interest in their little 'garden' about a week later but the cacti have continued to grow over the years, surviving on the water I give them sporadically but mostly thriving on neglect. I've often thought to rehouse them in a bigger pot but if I get too close they warn me off with their spikes. That and the redback spiders that reside there ensure I  keep my distance- they don't seem to mind the prickles.

 The biggest cactus thanked me for the rations of water I've provided by coming out in this beautiful white flower on the last day of 2010 - it wasn't over thankful though because by the end of the first day of 2011 the flower had drooped and wilted and no amount of talking, attention or water was going to bring it back!

What great timing -  that it's short 24 hour lifespan saw the old year out and welcomed the New Year in!

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