Thursday, November 23, 2006

Post Surgery

Well, I'm out of hospital and resting up. I've just closed my Etsy Shop temporarily as my two craft shows are coming up this weekend and next. I won't actually be there, but my jewellery will be. I'm so lucky to have "stall mates" who are happy to hold the fort and sell for me in my absence. Thanks Jane & Petra :)
I've been adapting some earring stand/Frames I had made. Originally they were just the frames with a couple of small hooks for the earrings to hang from in each section. Unfortunately, the earrings were "lost" against the background of whatever I stood the frames against. So I taped card against the back of the frames with holes for the earring to go through.
My sterling silver and chainmaille looks great against the black although the photo doesn't do them justice. I've added shiny "Sterling Silver" stickers too.
Anyway, I'm very happy with the result - just hope the tape holds out if the weather is hot which it probably will be!
My sister Elaine has lent us some fabulous dark wood jewellery busts she got in Bali which will go great with these stands too. Pin It

Friday, November 10, 2006

so much to do..............

My focus at the moment is making as much jewellery as I can from the supplies I have on hand to stock my upcoming shows.
Once these shows are over I'll have time to experiment with some techniques that are newish to me. I've got all the supplies to etch metal and want to explore this avenue a bit more. I've done a quick experiment but haven't got back to it.
Also, a couple of months ago I did a basic photoshop course, my aim being to be able to improve the quality of my jewellery photos. Although now this has led me to an interest in digital scrapbooking and that's another avenue I'd love to pursue, to do albums for my kids.
Well, I've just bought some great designs on a scrapbook site, and have tweaked them in Photoshop and I think they will work perfectly for etching some copper.
Funny how all my interest are melding together and overlapping :)
Now, I just have to find the time to put it all together..........No wonder the ironing pile is so much to little time :) Pin It

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Self Promotion or not!?

If you've read this blog you'll notice that I do promote my own creations and that I use it as a marketing tool with links to my Etsy shop. I'd be thrilled of course if you liked my style and headed on over to my shop to check out all the other jewellery I've created .
Well, my 21 year old son has told me that I have missed the point of blogging. In his wisdom, he feels that blogs are not for self promotion but to clutter up the blogosphere with inane ramblings that no one is interested in..........
Well isn't that what I'm doing ?? ;) Pin It

Monday, November 06, 2006

Recent Creations

Above are some chainmaille pendants I made for the upcoming craft shows. I also made some necklaces incorporating some silver discs that I hammered and domed - the one below uses amazonite and the little lizard one one the right is with Botswana Agate. Pin It