Friday, November 10, 2006

so much to do..............

My focus at the moment is making as much jewellery as I can from the supplies I have on hand to stock my upcoming shows.
Once these shows are over I'll have time to experiment with some techniques that are newish to me. I've got all the supplies to etch metal and want to explore this avenue a bit more. I've done a quick experiment but haven't got back to it.
Also, a couple of months ago I did a basic photoshop course, my aim being to be able to improve the quality of my jewellery photos. Although now this has led me to an interest in digital scrapbooking and that's another avenue I'd love to pursue, to do albums for my kids.
Well, I've just bought some great designs on a scrapbook site, and have tweaked them in Photoshop and I think they will work perfectly for etching some copper.
Funny how all my interest are melding together and overlapping :)
Now, I just have to find the time to put it all together..........No wonder the ironing pile is so much to little time :) Pin It

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