Friday, November 19, 2010

Pickle Break out!

The other day I made up some pickle with a mix of vinegar & salt in a little container. I had a copper piece to pickle and I didn't want to use the same solution that I use for my silver jewellery.

I used the satay stick to stir the solution and the plastic forks to get my jewellery piece in and out and when I'd finished I just rested them across the container and walked away. Today I walked past and noticed this rather disturbing but none the less pretty scene.

Little did I know the pickle had aspirations to be a science experiment and would use these implements to transform and attempt an escape  :)

PS: for non  jewellery makers -  I'm not talking about the yummy crunchy green things we eat  but a solution to remove fire scale after soldering! Pin It

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Quirky Earring Displays

The tardy blogger is back to show how I've been spending some of my time lately :)

I made a couple of pairs of Stud earrings and it occurred to me how hard it is to display such tiny pieces of jewellery so they aren't overlooked.
I accidentally came across The Graphics Fairy and loved all the vintage images there, I'm a big fan of the old fashioned black and white line drawings and lucked out to find this Phrenology head Image.

After playing with it  in Photoshop and Publisher, this is the result. I'm no expert in photoshop, but luckily my son was at hand to help me when I got "stuck".

The cards are two layers so one earring goes on the front and the other on the reverse side. The second photo shows the cards at an angle so you can see the mechanics of it all. They're about 8cm tall.

And just for fun, on the reverse side of the card, I substituted my own  words. (Click on the first pic to enlarge.)

Not actually sure if I'll ever use these, maybe one day at an indoor craft show (they're not windproof!) Either way they were fun to make and I learnt a few new Photoshop skills.

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