Friday, March 26, 2010

Dieing to Press

Last year we bought home a hydraulic press that my late Dad in Law made. It's a heavy, rusty, oil leaking contraption that looks like it's more suited to a torture chamber but I'm excited that it's going to help create some things of beauty...!

At the time, I managed to get a small Acrylic offcut from a Shop fitting Laser Place and sawed out my own die. My piercing went a bit wonky - I don't think I had the right saw blade for Acrylic - yes I know - Excuses Excuses, but it did the job and I managed to Die Press this elongated oval shape. You pretty much sandwich the metal between the acrylic die and a piece of polyurethane and press away. The pressure pushes the flexible polyurethane into the metal which in turn pushes the metal into the void of the die to make a domed shape. Very cool!
Here's my first can see that my die isn't symmetrical or smooth but I was happy enough with the resulting metal piece.

Today the postie bought me these super duper laser cut dies below. I couldn't decide which shape to get, so I got the lot. Designed by Nanz Aalund, see how smooth and symmetrical they are...and in asst sizes and great shapes too!

I hope to introduce my new dies to the hydraulic press and give them a workout this weekend! I'll report back......... Pin It