Monday, November 17, 2008

Crossed the first thing off my To Do List!!

I only had one thing on my list and I've crossed it off, so now I can start on a new list. It's taken a day or so and I still have a drawer or two to sort out but at least it's tidy!! YAY!!

Before Shots: (hmmm - I'm ashamed of these - It's pretty messy, but I could shut the door on it and pretend it wasn't there!)

and after shots: I intend to keep it like this ;)

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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Time to do the things on the "To Do" List

Had a good day yesterday. My sister and I headed down to the Made On The Left Designer Market followed by lunch later at Tarts,
a great little place hidden in Lake Street. Yum.
The Market was bigger than the first one with more great stalls and a bit more space than before. Lots of fabulous wares on sale but this Fridge Magnet by the very talented Amanda from Polyclarific called out to me.

Now of course I need to write an extensive list and put it on the fridge with my new magnet where I can't ignore it.
My office/work room is a mess and I really have to tidy it. It's gonna be a such big job that at the moment it's the only thing on my list.
I fully intended to start yesterday evening and I started sorting through some of my supplies but got sidetracked with this instead!

More pics on my Flickr photostream.

I shall publish this post, turn the computer off and have another attempt at crossing off the only thing on my "To Do" list! Pin It

Saturday, November 01, 2008

Windows on William

Yesterday, my daughter, Lauren and I took off to Northbridge to soak up a bit of Culture!

The Windows On William Street Exhibition is on and local artists install their artwork in the windows of the local shops/businesses. As you go around each place you are encouraged to collect a limited edition print of each artist's work - These are inside the shops, which of course gives exposure (and I guess hopefully some sales!) to the businesses that support the artists.

We visited each venue and collected 13 of the 14 prints. (One place was closed).

We got off to a bad start - first stop when we surfaced from the car park was the Blue Room Theatre & Bar and as we stood in front of the window we couldn't see any Art, but the sliding door opened. We stepped through to the foyer but still couldn't see any art! In our confused state, we felt a little sheepish when a staff person pointed out that we'd walked past the art - it was outside on the top panel above the sliding doors - Duh!!

Lesson learnt, and we made a point of looking above eye level at all the other exhibitions just in case we missed something!

The highlights were the installation by the Made on the Left collaboration featuring the work of my local online Etsy friends. Great job girls!

Another stand out was Subgang at William Topp.
This is a real find of a shop too, interesting and friendly and definitely worth another visit. Bought this for Lauren here - sums her up rather well ;)

And check out their cool cards we were given showing their business hours.

If you're a local it's a great way to lose a couple of hours browsing around Northbridge. I got to see some great artwork, find new shops and go into places I'd not normally venture into, I'm thinking specifically here of the Piercing & Tattoo parlour (I'm not really their target demographic) but none the less they were very welcoming. Also, Red Stripe Clothing, where Lauren bought a dress but my presence in the shop probably diminished their reputation as a "cool arsed clothing store" a little (LOL).
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