Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This article was published in our local Sunday paper and caught my attention. I usually talk about my jewellery but not today.
A micro loan was required to assist a lady expand her small jewellery business in the Dominican Republic - given my love of making jewellery too, I thought that was appropriate. Check out my side bar for a link to many more entrepreneur's from all over the world who require micro business loans and investors - the stories are inspirational.
Kiva - loans that change lives
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Metal Work Challenge

Over on the Beading Forum in the Metalwork section we are having a challenge to make an item using a technique we've never used before and it also must include something found or recycled.

I decided to set a cabochon in a bezel. I had all the right supplies to set a bezel but had not got around to it so I decided to bite the bullet and today was the day!
I made my own cab. by die cutting & doming a copper disc. Then I fluxed the dome and
sprinkled it with Sterling Silver Dust - that's my recycled item - I sweep it off the bench when I cut out sterling rings for my chainmaille and save it.
I had no idea how it'd turn out, some silver fused on & some stayed in it's little specks and the copper oxidised in the heat. Even a bit of fire scale adds to the effect I think!!
The bezel making wasn't as hard as I expected thanks to the excellent video instructions over at the Art Jewelry Magazine site. I still spent most of the day on it though.
This was going to be a ring but I got impatient (as you do!) and went with the easy option of drilling a hole and making it a pendant! Pin It