Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stringing it along....

I love wrapping gifts - so Christmas is a good time of year in that respect!

This year I'd been coveting the red and white bakers Twine that is all over the internet at the moment. I picked some up last month when we were in Sydney! My husband thought I was crazy that we go all the way to Sydney and my first purchase there was.........string!

Well, this festive string has a bit of a natural look to it so doesn't really work that well with the glossy, patterned Christmas papers, so some regular plain brown paper was in order.
I tizzied up the ladies' gifts with the other over exposed ever popular paper product...doileys, but that wouldn't do for the men!  Instead I got the printer fired up and made up some labels with a vintage wreath image and a holly border.

Now what am I going to do with the other 45 meters of Red & White string?
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Sunday, December 04, 2011


In my last post I may have given the impression that since the term finished, I've been chained to the vaccum cleaner. Well that's not strictly true....M and I did find time for a short break on the other side of the continent.
We were celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 11/11/11 (Don't you love those numbers! - it wasn't planned back in '78 - just a lovely numerological coincidence!) and then M.'s Birthday on the 16th. What better excuse to spend 6 nights in fair Sydney Town down at the best ever location in the Rocks!
What can I say, we hadn't visited there in 25 years and it's still an awesome city.....

The  Icon ;) Covered in self cleaning tiles no less!
The other icon complete with a most cooperative Seagull

 Icon 2 viewed from inside Icon 1
 Icon 1 viewed from Icon 2 - it was high - I felt brave!
The Heights: Didn't climb over but did walk across the bridge!
The Gaudy:  No, I don't mean Murray !
The Quirky - No washing just birdcages!
The Arty- Recreation of the original laneway.

The Old Buildings - They treasure them and don't flatten them.
The Oldest Pub - one of many we visited :)

The Atmosphere: Friday night markets at The Rocks.

The Unusual: A Lovely pressed metal construction.....Umm... a urinal!

Thanks for joining me in my express 12 photo tour of the Rocks in Sydney. Believe me,you got off lightly -I was rather snap happy and took 251 photos. Maybe I'll put some of the other better pics up on Flickr. I'll pop the link up here when I get the chance to upload them. Pin It

Friday, December 02, 2011

End of an era - well that sounds rather dramatic....

"Life is what happens to you, while you're busy making other plans" John Lennon 

My year of study has come to an end. It happened over a month ago, but this is the first chance I've had to blog -  I've been filling  my time with other creative endeavours...........Hmmm, I wish.......I've actually been catching up on the housework, but it does make me somewhat happy to have a clean kitchen floor and a tidy linen closet ;)
I'm still waiting for my Cert 2 in Jewellery Manufacture to arrive in the mail. I've passed but I've been told not to hold my breath for the actual certificate to arrive. In the meantime I've done nothing creative! Despite my smug attitude about my kitchen floor and the sparkling bathroom tiles (did I mention the sparkling bathroom tiles?)  I thought that with the extra free day each week now the course has finished, that I'd be churning out magnificent jewellery creations, but no.....  it's pretty much been housework and the occasional half decent meal every now and then!
I still have my copper pipe trinket box to finish. It's probably only a half hour or so of work  to get to the clean up stage but the weather's hotting up here in Perth and soldering out in the tin shed isn't that appealing at the mo. And of course it's the "season to be merry" and lots of shopping, wrapping, decorating of trees, socialising and prep to do before Christmas. Yeah,  I know.....excuses, excuses!

To be continued.................

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