Sunday, December 04, 2011


In my last post I may have given the impression that since the term finished, I've been chained to the vaccum cleaner. Well that's not strictly true....M and I did find time for a short break on the other side of the continent.
We were celebrating our 33rd wedding anniversary on the 11/11/11 (Don't you love those numbers! - it wasn't planned back in '78 - just a lovely numerological coincidence!) and then M.'s Birthday on the 16th. What better excuse to spend 6 nights in fair Sydney Town down at the best ever location in the Rocks!
What can I say, we hadn't visited there in 25 years and it's still an awesome city.....

The  Icon ;) Covered in self cleaning tiles no less!
The other icon complete with a most cooperative Seagull

 Icon 2 viewed from inside Icon 1
 Icon 1 viewed from Icon 2 - it was high - I felt brave!
The Heights: Didn't climb over but did walk across the bridge!
The Gaudy:  No, I don't mean Murray !
The Quirky - No washing just birdcages!
The Arty- Recreation of the original laneway.

The Old Buildings - They treasure them and don't flatten them.
The Oldest Pub - one of many we visited :)

The Atmosphere: Friday night markets at The Rocks.

The Unusual: A Lovely pressed metal construction.....Umm... a urinal!

Thanks for joining me in my express 12 photo tour of the Rocks in Sydney. Believe me,you got off lightly -I was rather snap happy and took 251 photos. Maybe I'll put some of the other better pics up on Flickr. I'll pop the link up here when I get the chance to upload them. Pin It


Suzanne said...

I learned to cast at The Rocks every Saturday morning for a year as a 17 year old...Wished I appreciated the company I was in then. Love the photos, much nicer than a vacuum cleaner. (Sometimes I wonder..."Is there anybody out there" so thanks for your comments)

GetSilvered said...

thanks Suzanne. wow the rocks would be such an inspiring place for learning. We loved the rocks area- so much to see and loved the history of the place. would definately stay there again - it was so central to everything.