Saturday, June 09, 2007

YOJ Week 23 - Rubber & Copper

This week I've been doing more chainmaille - and I've experimented with some larger rubber rings. I've teamed them with copper in the cuff and copper and sterling in the earrings. The cuff is about 3cm wide (just over 1 ") The cuff has no clasp - I just gently stretch it to go over my hand. I like the industrial look that the rubber rings give the jewellery. Pin It

Year of Jewellery Week 22 - Chainmaille Cuff

Playing catch up now. But it's been productive. I've finished a UFO that's been sitting around for ages. I started this 4cm (1. 1/2") chainmaille cuff in copper & sterling about a year ago. I'd purchased the rings, then ran out - as you do! As they were in SWG gauge and we're metric here in Oz, so I couldn't make more rings to match. I finally got round to re ordering more rings and finished this last night. The old rings have aged to a nice patina and the new rings are bright and shiny. I can't decide whether to oxidise the lot, or clean it all up - so it's all nice and shiny.
As I ponder on this I'm leaving it for the time being as I quite like the tri-colour look for now!

Oh I have yet to add a safety chain - this weighs 86grams (about 3oz). I don't want to lose this one as it's a replacement for my sterling cuff that my daughter lost at a nightclub........but that's a whole other story!! Pin It

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Year of Jewellery Week 21

Well I'm behind on the YOJ, but well, never mind!

Used one of my newer tools again for Week 21's offerings. I'm really addicted to tools ;)
I got an Industrial tube wringer and it corrugates thin metal sheet. It wasn't designed for that but some bright spark started using it for metal instead of toothpaste tubes. Who'd 'av thought it?! I already posted the silver earrings at the front on the YOJ blog but I've made the copper one's since then. I had lots of fun with this and hope to do some more.

These pieces are going into a new shop opening locally in a couple of weeks called "Behind the Monkey". For local Perthites keep an eye out for it in Beaufort Street - it will feature some of the work of local artisans. Very cool...... Pin It