Saturday, June 09, 2007

Year of Jewellery Week 22 - Chainmaille Cuff

Playing catch up now. But it's been productive. I've finished a UFO that's been sitting around for ages. I started this 4cm (1. 1/2") chainmaille cuff in copper & sterling about a year ago. I'd purchased the rings, then ran out - as you do! As they were in SWG gauge and we're metric here in Oz, so I couldn't make more rings to match. I finally got round to re ordering more rings and finished this last night. The old rings have aged to a nice patina and the new rings are bright and shiny. I can't decide whether to oxidise the lot, or clean it all up - so it's all nice and shiny.
As I ponder on this I'm leaving it for the time being as I quite like the tri-colour look for now!

Oh I have yet to add a safety chain - this weighs 86grams (about 3oz). I don't want to lose this one as it's a replacement for my sterling cuff that my daughter lost at a nightclub........but that's a whole other story!! Pin It

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