Sunday, December 18, 2011

Stringing it along....

I love wrapping gifts - so Christmas is a good time of year in that respect!

This year I'd been coveting the red and white bakers Twine that is all over the internet at the moment. I picked some up last month when we were in Sydney! My husband thought I was crazy that we go all the way to Sydney and my first purchase there was.........string!

Well, this festive string has a bit of a natural look to it so doesn't really work that well with the glossy, patterned Christmas papers, so some regular plain brown paper was in order.
I tizzied up the ladies' gifts with the other over exposed ever popular paper product...doileys, but that wouldn't do for the men!  Instead I got the printer fired up and made up some labels with a vintage wreath image and a holly border.

Now what am I going to do with the other 45 meters of Red & White string?
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lisa_crofts said...

These look grat a unique and fresh take on current trends. Sell the twine in lengths on etsy.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks for visiting Lisa. Good idea about Etsy - I think that's where I first saw the twine.