Sunday, January 23, 2011

JAW Week 3

This week I tackled an unfinished object. I have very many UFO's and I look at them periodically to see if they move me to finish them! Mostly they don't - but this week I saw this disc that I'd "bumped" texture wise and decided to make a pendant with it.

I'd  textured the metal previously with my Automatic Centre Punch - a neat tool that is designed for making a mark in metal where you want to drill a hole - it stops the drill bit from slipping.  I had more fun with my less boring use for it though. I loved the bumpy texture it made which I discovered when I was doing the holes in my button pendants.

Even though this is my personal challenge and I make the rules, I thought I'd better not cheat, so I made another piece of jewellery from scratch as well: the "(less)Bumpy" Earrings!

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