Monday, January 03, 2011

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all.

Years ago when the kids were younger we got a few little cacti and popped them in a terracotta bowl. It was something for the kids to grow. They lost interest in their little 'garden' about a week later but the cacti have continued to grow over the years, surviving on the water I give them sporadically but mostly thriving on neglect. I've often thought to rehouse them in a bigger pot but if I get too close they warn me off with their spikes. That and the redback spiders that reside there ensure I  keep my distance- they don't seem to mind the prickles.

 The biggest cactus thanked me for the rations of water I've provided by coming out in this beautiful white flower on the last day of 2010 - it wasn't over thankful though because by the end of the first day of 2011 the flower had drooped and wilted and no amount of talking, attention or water was going to bring it back!

What great timing -  that it's short 24 hour lifespan saw the old year out and welcomed the New Year in!

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