Sunday, January 09, 2011

JAW Week 1 - New Personal Challenge

I notice many bloggers set themselves challenges. The one that springs to mind is the photo a day challenge. One  friend Amanda has just finished her year of photos and another Feli has just started for the year.

Last year many jewellery artists took on the challenge to make a Ring a Day (RAD) and this year there's a Ring A Week (RAW)  challenge going on. I sat on the sidelines and watched  in awe at the creations and the commitment.

Inspired by this, I've set myself my own little personal challenge this year - My  Jewellery a week (JAW) project - It'll be a personal little motivational tool just for me to get me moving: off the computer (hopefully) and into production. And at the end of it all I hope to have at least 52 pieces of jewellery to show for it.
No other rules or conditions apply,  I'm just setting myself a goal to make at least one piece of jewellery a week.

Week 1: Handsawn and Textured Sterling Heart Pendant with Single Crystal drop.

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Feli said...

You can do it!!

This is my third time trying project 365 hopefully I get past 6 months

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Feli,
Hope you make your challenge too.
You've got lots of lovely subject matter in the Liltiger :)