Sunday, April 17, 2011

How do you pronounce Chenier?

Never mind - I'll just call it tube!

Week 9

I've pretty much finished my Nature assignment - ready to hand in next week. It's all assembled now. Here's a couple of pics:

Front View

Side view showing layers

Reverse with leaf texture
I'm going to clean up the edges a bit and leave it at that I think.
The family have critiqued it and think that I should've put a leaf texture on the top frame layer to match the back of the bottom layer, otherwise they like my efforts. I agree - I'd thought of texturing the top frame, a little too late mind you as I'd already finished it, so to go back and texture it in the rolling mill would have distorted the frame shape and size. Much as I love filing I didn't want to have to rework it all.... so it is what it is!

Tuesday in class, I had a hankering to make a hinge! I'd used manufactured tube in my assignment but  this time the lecturer showed me how to make some Chenier from scratch for hinges. What fun! I started with a bit of silver ingot about 1 cm thick and about 4 cm long. Rolled it down in the rolling mill until it was .7mm thick. Then forged it in a swage block and on the bench to form a 'sort of half tube'. When it was curled over enough, I started drawing it down until it formed a 'real' tube. The Lecturer showed me stick soldering to join the seam and hey presto I had Chenier! (even tho' I can't pronounce it!)

Top: The rolled out Ingot. Bottom: Finished Tube

 I cut the tube into small lengths to make a hinge but as I was shown a couple of different methods of doing this I might make a separate post later on with all the details.

Unfinished hinge experiments.
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