Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Still going on that Nature Theme!

Week 7 & 8 !
I'm a bit tardy with these blog posts and the Tuesdays at TAFE are just slipping by so quickly.

I've still been working on the Nature theme assignment these past weeks. I've lined up and drilled all the holes and measured and cut the tubing to separate my metal layers and in the process was introduced to a new little tool - a tube cutting jig. Very handy little tool that is now on my wish list  (Ahem, note to my kids - Mother's Day coming up if you're reading this!)
Here's a pic of all the bits ready to be riveted together:

In between working on this we've done other tasks including an exercises in measuring and drilling and another sawing and piercing exercise. Funnily enough - I'm not finding these exercises tedious - they really are building up my skills so that these basic techniques become second nature. Hey, I even enjoy filing and sanding now! Pin It

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