Friday, March 25, 2011

Tafe on Tuesdays.

I love everything about Tuesdays now (oh, Ok with the exception of the Parking Ticket Machine at the Train Station that refuses to recognise my Smartrider card - but now is not the time for whinging about Transperth!)

I enjoy the train ride into the city even though I never get a seat and I enjoy the walk to TAFE through the city station, then up past the Museum & Art Gallery. But best of all I love 8.45am till 4pm when I'm in class.
Being a student after all these years is so much fun!

Week 4 - in the morning  we were shown how to file a strip of metal to mitre nice sharp corners in metal and form a square. Then we got busy on our own little square hollow form. I didn't finish, but did manage to get back to it and finished it in week six. Later we were shown cold connections and rivets and given a few practise exercises.
I added holes to add a chain and it will hang as a diamond shape. Hope to do another in silver with horizontal holes to hang as a square.
 Our homework was to think about a design project for an upcoming assignment  - The theme was "Nature" and the project was to design (yes, on paper - aargh help!) a piece using the skills we'd been practicing, such as sawing, filing, texturing, and cold connections..... but no soldering! Pin It


persil said...

That is great Pam. It would be good if you told us more about the process of making the squae hollow form

GetSilvered said...

Thanks for visiting my blog persil. I'll cheat and direct you to another metalsmith blog that explains the first part of the process beautifully and with pics!

After that stage we soldered the walls onto a base sheet, sawed and filed around it, so that it was flush with the walls. Then repeated the process for the top. When soldering the top layer on to close the box it is necessary to have a hole somewhere in the design to allow the air & gases to escape.