Thursday, March 03, 2011

Mixed Metal Challenge

In the Metalwork Section at the Beading Forum  we've just had a mixed metal challenge.

I spent a month procrastinating about a design and finally on the second last day, I posted in the forum that I was dropping out of the challenge because I'd run out of time. Hmmm...weird, but dropping out took the pressure off me (as it does!) and kick started me into action with a brand new idea! 
I finished this little fella that evening (within the deadline!) and I'm really chuffed with the result - the sawing, filing and soldering exercises we're doing at my TAFE course have given me a bit more confidence and all the steps went smoothly :)

Oh and here's my inspiration for this little fella. A greeting card that I bought for an friend's birthday last week. Cute huh?

My next task - I'm going to make a slightly smaller all Sterling version....stay tuned :) Pin It


Copperheart said...

cute! I like the domed eyes.

GetSilvered said...

thanks Copperheart - he was lot's of fun to make.

Triz Designs said...

this is so cute!!!