Saturday, March 26, 2011

Design is evolving...

Week 6 - Etching has been a pain - tried to do it at home but the photocopy was 6 days old by then and it just wouldn't transfer the ink to the metal. I think a fresh photocopy is the go - then the toner should transfer all OK. For those that don't know - the transferred toner then acts as a resist. The raw metal will etch but anything covered by the toner is protected from the acid.
I wasted my day in class last Tuesday a bit, My middle aged brain I forgot to take my master pattern along - I could have made a fresh photocopy there if I had been prepared. Note to self: I will pack my school bag the night before, I will pack my school bag the night before..... It did give me time to finish my hollow form project from week 4 though, so all was not lost.
Today I played catch up at home. I successfully transferred my pattern and etched the text to the metal. Next up, I spent ages trying to work out how I'd add another layer to the design as the lecturer suggested,  but finally settled on an off centre tree. This fits in with my original design as the reverse of the backplate (text layer) is textured with a skeleton leaf imprint.

Bit more work to do on it yet, but I'm confidant that all will end well when it's all riveted together:) Pin It

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