Friday, May 06, 2011

More Stationery - no I'm not standing still........

.....because then I'd be Stationary!

Seems I got my "Stationery" and "Stationary" mixed up in my last post! The first sentence (not sentance) of my last post I effectively said "standing still is very hot right now" ooops... never mind -  it probably is  ...but you knew what I meant right?

Back to stationery of the paper metal kind. I've had two weeks off from TAFE as we follow the school terms, so with the extra days at home I found time to make more notebook pendants - this time in silver.

Here they are:

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Miss Dot said...

I LOVE them Pam and perfect in an autograph emergency! oh! cross promotion opportunity!!!!!!!!!! better get them to the shop soon :-)

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane, LOL at the autograph emergency - I was thinking they'd be good for "phone number opportunities"!