Friday, May 27, 2011

Rain drop Pendant

I've entered my latest creation in an online exhibition which will be hosted on the ganoksin Orchid forum. The pieces must be made with non precious metals, so that suited me as I've been making my hollow form pieces in Brass.
The exhibition's not juried, so I know my piece will make the cut, what's tricky is the photo - it must be of "jury quality"
Here's the picture I've submitted.

Hopefully it meets the standard required. Photographing jewellery is quite painful for me, anything polished has reflection - usually reflecting features I don't want included, like my hand or what I'm wearing (the pink pyjama syndrome) Aargh! then there's the "evil" white balance that makes the purest snow driven whites a dirty blue gray tone despite my hours messing around with my camera settings.
That's why I shot my pic on a gray background this time - I decided to save my self the white balance angst :)

There are numerous online articles showing how to make light boxes and to take great photos of jewellery, maybe I'll check out the resources and have a go at making a light box.

Update: Got the news that my photo was Ok and up to standard - Yay! Pin It


Crystal Flair said...

Hey Pam I am NOT hankering to get back to TAFE, nooo, not at all, espec as your work is so inspiring I love the way you think :) Now for the photos, go get yourself a grey card, make sure a wee bit of it is showing when you take your pic and that you can crop that part out later. Then use this as your colour bench mark in PS and it will correct the colour balance for you, I do think it only works in PS if you do a raw image from the camera not a jpg but I may be wrong there check with Ren she is the PS guru :). Cheers Yvonne.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks for that tip Yvonne - I'll definitely have a play with that in the future.