Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Turning a negative into a positive!

First I pierced (hand sawed) a rabbit design from a sterling disc to make this pendant:

Then I soldered the little cut out rabbit onto another Sterling disc to make a second pendant here:

The negative space in the first pendant makes the rabbit look slightly fatter than the actual cut out on the second, that's because I domed the first pendant which enlarged the space. Pin It


Miss Dot said...

I wondered what the cut out bit would look like,,, I think that shows the difference between your work and mine, mine wouldn't be in one piece I am sure. Well done, are you going to do an easter collection? :-)

Youvegotmaille said...

This is so cool... I envy your cool metalworking.

The title of your post is ironic cause I've Lemonade Awarded you :) See my blog for details.

Happy blogging!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane, I hadn't thought about Easter until you mentioned it! Now I've tagged them with "Easter" on Etsy :) I was just lucky with this rabbit I was able to drill my starting hole where it wouldn't affect the shape.

YGM, Thanks for the comments and the award :)Only been "tagged" before, never had an award ;) I'm going to check out all the blogs you listed on your blog now too!

REread said...

they are just gorgeous ... So cute ... i will pop in and have a look at your etsy shop !!