Saturday, January 31, 2009

Productive Few Days

It's been pretty hot and humid here but I did manage to drag myself out into the shed and do some soldering. I finished another one of the cast twigs that I made at my casting class a few weeks back. I made it into another necklace but this time I've laid it out vertically instead of horizontally like my first twig necklace.

Also, played with a heavy gauge wire to make these swirl earrings. No soldering involved - just forming, hammering & polishing.

I have to be a little considerate these days with my hammering. Our house is surrounded on 3 sides by houses that have babies. I shut my self in the spare room and close the doors, hoping it's not too loud for the neighbours! I haven't had any complaints so far! Pin It


Miss Dot said...

I shut myself in the bedroom with noise reducing headphones on today to do some hammering, on the underside of an old frypan! hahahahaha wasn't very easy though... how long does the annealing last? I did it yesterday and had already bashed the rings a little....
Love the earrings.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane!
You need to anneal again if the metal starts to look like it may get brittle and break.
If I'm hammering a disc or those swirl earrings I don't usually anneal again, sometimes I don't anneal at all!! Depends on what you are doing What are you hammering - just for texture?