Friday, January 09, 2009

2009's looking good.

I'm pretty happy at the moment. I actually have all the family home at one time!

My husband works "fly in-fly out", my daughter has been off living her life away from home doing the back packing thing, and it's just been me & Adam (when he's home) and the two dogs!

Murray's contract finished and the new job doesn't start until the end of January so he's been home for a 6 week stint working out of head office locally. Then Lauren decided she couldn't save up for her next lot of adventures by living in Melbourne and surprised us by turning up at 5 to 12 on New Years eve.

The downside - well, the amount of washing actually. The positives...too numerous and they outweigh the negatives :)

Here's the younger half of the family:

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Youvegotmaille said...

Enjoy, Pam.. those are some good lookin kids :) Mine's almost 16 and I'm already starting to dread the day when I can't wait till he visits...

Feli said...

Your kids are gorgeous Pam. Looks like your dynamics of the family is the same as mine.

Dad travels all the time, I am living in Perth. Middle sister is living in Singapore and goes home from time to time because she lives closer to home and my youngest sister is doing the backpacking thing around South America at the moment. Hhehehe...

So Mom is at home with the two dogs and cat! :*)

Miss Dot said...

they are gorgeous! your daughter has your eyes.