Sunday, December 28, 2008

Post Christmas - pre New Year........

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. We did, it was only a small gathering at my sister's but great company and wonderful food. I did miss my daughter though who has flown the nest to live in Melbourne - it was our first Christmas that our little family of four was only three! The phone companies did well out of us though!

Now the left over ham is dwindling and I'm starting to think about the New Year and all the self - improvement that is about to happen.....Ha Ha! ;)

I'm on holidays from work until the 6th so I've spent some of my downtime playing with my chainmaille. This time using the rubber rings with sterling, I've gone oversized - much like I feel after the Christmas feast!
These earrings are pretty huge but the good thing is they are super lightweight.

Just added a couple of photos here, but there's more on my Flicker Photostream.

Happy New Year everyone :) Pin It


Amanda said...

Those are so gorgeous!

Miss Dot said...

I gave my sister the earrings you made for me (after wearing them only once or twice) for Christmas and she loved them, thanks again.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Amanda. It's fun combining the rubber & the Sterling.

That's great Jane, glad she liked them :)