Sunday, December 14, 2008


We have a lot of magpies around here - most often I notice them when they come up the street in the early morning in a pack - looking over everyone's lawns for some tasty bugs and worms.
I noticed this little one this afternoon from the bedroom window, sitting in the shade on a fallen palm frond in our front garden. He didn't appear to be injured but didn't have very long tail feathers. He let me get about 2 feet away from him and stared right at me when I took this picture.
He flew away a little later when one of our dogs chased him away - luckily he could fly although not very high and we grabbed the dog before he could hurt the Magpie. My husband had let the dogs out with him, not realising the bird was there.
When the dog chased him - we suddenly noticed all the other magpies, they didn't actually swoop us but they all flew in close.
It's been about half an hour and he's now sitting on a neighbours fence in the shade - the adult birds are still milling around him keeping an eye out for him.

I guess they'll have to look after him until he can fly up a little higher than he can now. Pin It

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Her said...

I saw a magpie last year that had fallen out of the nest, its parents did a great job of feeding it and it survived any cats and other birds, I watched it for about 2 months and it grew into a scrawny version of its parents, it wasn't 100% but it was a survior, it like me, except for the scrawny bit :-)