Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Spring is sprung - well nearly......

Over at the Beading forum in the metal & wirework section we are having a pendant swap. The theme was "Spring".
I decided to try metal etching again but my attempts didn't work out on my first try, so I abandoned that project.
My second try was this pendant thinking was "Spring Showers" and I remembered the kid's poem we used to chant, but after finishing it I was told the mailing address of my swap partner and she lives in North Queensland. Well somehow I think that this pendant is not appropriate ... I figure they would be happy with rain up there - not sure if they're in drought or not but thought I'd better err on the side of caution....The pendant would probably be better of staying here in Perth where we've had a week of torrential rain. I wish it would go away so I can get some washing dry!
Luckily I've been able to rework my first attempt and will post a pic. of that once the swaps complete. Pin It

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Heather said...

Hey Pam,
I just love your piece, definitely suiting this wet weather. If you get a chance head down to the shopping centre at Innaloo, opposite the Westfield one, the megacentre with IGA in it. They have a display of gorgeous metalwork, mostly copper, done by the Ndebele Tribe. It's really stunning and very inspirational. ;-)