Monday, August 20, 2007

Step By Step Chainmaille Rings

For the first couple of years of my chainmaille creating, I purchased pre made rings. I've been cutting my own rings now for a while so I thought I'd post a few pictures of how I coil & cut the rings from wire.

I love coiling the wire around the mandrel in an old hand drill - The drill belonged to my late Dad- in-Law and I always think of him when I'm coiling wire. He was such a great person and a talented handyman so I love that I'm able to use one of his old tools. My set up is attached to the meals area table with a small vice and I cut the rings on the kitchen bench. One day I hope to have a dedicated space to do all this..........

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feli said...

Thanks for Sharing. I am also starting to make my own jump rings for Stitch Markers.

You should totally post this up in Indiepublic in the Learning Library section.

Get Silvered said...

Thanks Feli, I'll check out Indiepublic - I haven't been there yet :)
Do you have to solder them for stitch markers?