Monday, August 06, 2007

Perth Etsy Meet Up

Yesterday, some of the people that have Etsy shops here in Perth got together for a meet up. We had a lovely afternoon, with "show & tell", lots of chat about our work, and we threw around ideas for promoting ourselves & Etsy.

A great afternoon and lovely to meet everyone.

I've now updated my list of links in my sidebar to add their Etsy Shops - please visit them - there's some awesome talent here in Little Old Perth.

I didn't take my camera but luckily others thought of it - check out Amanda's blog for some photos. Pin It


Miss Dot said...

I wish I had made it to the meet up. Are you doing the PICA market? I love the fact that you work at the kitchen table, so do I and I have a whole room dedicated but there is something about being close to the kettle and the chocolate hey? :-) I will have a bit more of a look around your site if that is ok?

Get Silvered said...

Thanks for stopping by. It's not just the table - I manage to spread my mess throughout the whole house!!
I'm not doing the PICA Market - is that the car boot one? I hope to go along and have a look though.
Hope to meet you at the next meet up - I love your resin work.