Monday, May 07, 2007

YOJ - Week 18 Japanese Maille

This week's Year of Jewellery theme was Myths & Gods. I spent the whole week thinking about it but the creative Gods deserted me and I had to settle for a creation that was off theme. I'd been meaning to try some Japanese weave chainmaille ever since I got the Dylon Whyte Chainmaille book which was months ago. I used Sterling and teensy rubber rings for the earrings above. I love the industrial looking combo of metal & rubber - not that my little flowers turned out too industrial looking...........but well, you get the idea. :)
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esta sketch said...

these are beautiful - i especially like the first ones - who says flowers can't be industrial? haha

while i'm at it, you're tagged! (sorry!) check my blog for details.

Get Silvered said...

Thanks Esta sketch,
I guess I'm tagged - sounds like fun....I think.......... :)