Monday, June 06, 2011

Moving on!

Week 15 TAFE:

Our teacher has moved us on to a new project. So this week we started a prong setting.
The padlock clasp hasn't been abandoned - just put aside. I quite like working on a couple of projects at once. While one project is in the pickle, I can be filing the other item or whatever. It mixes it up a bit so things don't get boring....and I'm happy to have a little break from the padlock clasp.

It was left up to us whether we wanted to do a 6 or 4 prong setting for our 6mm cubic zircona and I opted for a 4 prong setting. Yes, it was a cop out the easier option but I want to walk before I run ;)
What I find the most challenging is working on such a small scale. I realize that a 6mm stone is a decent size stone (especially if it was a diamond!) but even so, working on the setting is still very fiddly work, and I'm full of admiration for those that set teensy 1mm stones.

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Domartello said...

Congratulations for your work ... I also prefer to walk before you run.
Since I'm older I prefer zirconia 10mm.
A hug.
Carlos right here in Brazil ...

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Carlos, for visiting my blog and your kind comments.

I'm finding it quite challenging working on a small scale :)