Saturday, June 18, 2011

Brassed Off!

Week 17 TAFE:

No photos - Suffice to say, all was going well with setting the CZ in the claw setting, until the end of the day when doing the final clean up....the bail parted company with the setting....what can I say?....I did a shoddy soldering job!  :(  Hopefully I'll be able to re solder carefully to fix it.....we'll be continued.

Moving home this week I made some oversized earrings from huge brass discs on Sterling Ear wires. They're 5cm (2 inches) in diameter but they're not too heavy to wear as they're in a thinner gauge of metal. I had fun texturing the metal.

'Landscape' Convex discs - Roll printed with Aluminum mesh.

'Portrait' Convex' Discs - Roll printed with textured paper.

'Portrait' Concave Discs. Hammered Finish.

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Initial Charms said...

I am very fond of the hammered finish...these are very stylish and modern designs for the office bodies and style checkers.