Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where does the time go?

Well, I know it's a cliche but today I'm reflecting on where the last 31 years have gone!!
They've certainly gone quickly. Today is our wedding anniversary and there's no excuses for either Murray or I to ever forget the date, given that we were married on Remembrance Day.
As I look back, I certainly hope Murray's been as happy as I've been. We have two gorgeous kids to show for it and lots to look forward to together in the future.

Here's a pic of two younger, slimmer, less wrinkled people who have yet to acquire double chins, on their happy day. Oh, hang on - that's us! Note Murray's beard, well I actually liked it at the time but it didn't last that long after the wedding. Mind you, I have never seen my husband with out his moustache and I'm not sure I want to! Who knows, maybe that's one of the things I have to look forward as our journey continues - seeing my husbands top lip for the first time ever!

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Feli said...

Happy Anniversary Pam. I love your photos! :*)

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Feli :)

Her said...

you looks so cute! 31 years, wow! now more importantly, how is Nipper?

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane! Yep, Nipper's good now - walking in a straight line. Cleared up in a day - must have been hip or back.

jenny said...

Wow, Congrates and looks very nice couple and happy together... thanks for sharing here...

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