Monday, October 26, 2009

The Results

Well, all the stock was prepared and the display all organised - here's how it looked on the coffee table the night before:

Here's how it looked on the day:

And here's the lovely (but shy) Miss Dot in front of her display :)

I ended up with a trestle table to my self which we arranged in an L shape with Planet Lime's awesome resin creations on the the other table. It was a lovely day, in a gorgeous setting with good company topped off with good sales. Lotta, and her husband, Warwick were on the stall next door and Annie was across from us, Ali J & Renee from Cocoapod were a few stalls down. These are all people I've met via the on line Etsy community.
It was also great to catch up with my Friend Jane (a different Jane!) who I haven't seen all year, we'd done 3 Fremantle Bazaars together, the last one being in 2007.

While, I don't have plans for any more Craft Fairs at the moment, all of the above lovely people can be found locally at various shows around Perth in the Christmas Lead up, particularly the Made On The Left Fair at The Hyde Park Hotel on 14th & 15th November. Perth Locals - please check it out :) Pin It


Miss Dot said...

I had a great time sharing with you too Pam, you are always great company and a great worker bee! and well done Murray! you didn't mention that a piece of his sold!!!!!! or is that a secret!

PS, I took my glass of wine to bed!

GetSilvered said...

Oh No, it wasn't a secret, I was being self absorbed!
Yes, one of Murray's pieces sold!
One of the leaves - not the one's in that post but similar!
I think he was secretly pleased!!

tractorgirl said...

hey Pam, found you on DUST! I've enjoyed reading about preps for craft show, well done!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Tractorgirl :)

lyptis said...

Your stall looks nice.

Glad you had a great day!:)