Friday, October 23, 2009

Knowing when to stop!!

OK, enough's enough! Yes, I know it seems like I'm overdoing it with this pattern but I do like it. Even so, I realize that my display is going to get a bit busy looking if I don't show some restraint, so I promise these are the last thing I'll make with the damask patterned paper roll.

These are empty straight sided tin cans (baked beans & beetroot!), covered with the paper and topped with black felt. I wanted a few risers to add a bit of interest to break up the flatness of table surface.

I've pretty much got most things organised with my display,packaging and pricing now. Going to spend tomorrow making a few more pieces. I've got my mock up display on the coffee table and when all my pieces are finished I'll take a pic and you can judge for yourselves if I've overdone the pattern or stopped in time :) Pin It


Amanda said...

What a fantastic idea Pam. They look great. Damask is my fav pattern too.

taueret said...

cans! a stroke of genius. your stall is going to look great.

Lotta said...

Pam - your display was wonderful - the damask ? pattern is gorgeous and your display was cohesive and a delight to view.