Wednesday, August 26, 2009

When good rings go bad.....

I like to make rings but getting the sizing right seems to be a hit & miss affair most of the time. Occasionally I manage to finish one that actually fits me!
When I started this one, the three wires were to form the ring shape and pass over each other at the top in the same way as when you first link your fingers if you're going to pray.........Did you just try that?
That idea came to an abrupt halt when I was joining the wires at the base of the ring and the solder ran all along the seam lines and joined the wires together at the point where they should have been separate and intersecting. Darn!
After playing with the pliers I formed the ends into little scroll shapes instead and salvaged my disaster.
The ring reminds me of a water spout but I'll call it my "fountain" ring 'because that sounds so much more elegant. And it fits me - Yay! Pin It


Amanda said...

I like it, nice save!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Amanda :)

incalesco said...

Very pretty, that would be what I'd call a "happy accident".

I always tend to make rings too big.

Feli said...

WOW Pam. I love it. Are you going to make more? hehehehehe..

Lotta said...

I love it Pam! You are ever so inspiring xxx

GetSilvered said...

incalesco - Thanks Erika - I just need more practise to get the sizing right I think - good excuse to make more rings :)

Thanks Feli - Maybe, but no guarantees they'll turn out the same!

Thanks Lotta - you're so kind :)

Her said...

well done Pam! Is there a product you can buy to inhibit the flow of the solder? hmmmm

I am trying to aim for a size 7 or 8 but not round..... round is over rated... my rings will never be completely round. :-)

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane,
Yes there is such a product -
Whiteout!! Must get some, mine has dried out.

I agree about round being over
rated! Oval is the new round ;)

taueret said...

hi pam thanks for dropping by my blog, very happy to find a new blog to read- not only metally but Aussie!