Monday, September 21, 2009

Display Directions

As most of my creations go down to Behind the Monkey I haven't done any craft fairs since the FAC bazaars. My friend Jane is doing the Subiaco Rotary Fair late October and has generously offered a corner of her stall to display and sell my work.
This has got me thinking about displays etc. Sometimes I think more time is spent on this sort of thing rather than actually producing the work!
I bought this vendor apron a few months ago from Yoopers, just the thing for stall holders, with nifty pockets for pens, keys etc and a hidden pocket for takings (hopefully that'll get some use!) and I really love the black and white damask design:

With this as a starting point to my "theme", I spent today messing around in Publisher and Photoshop and made these custom earring cards to fit a second hand rotating stand that I picked up a while back.

I was able to fit 3 earring cards onto a 17.5 x 12.5cm print (5x7")size template and had a couple printed out at Big W as test prints to see if it all worked.
Well, I declare it a success :)

I have no idea of commercial printing costs for a limited short run but at 12cents each these cards will do the job just fine. I was thrilled with the glossy professional finish.
I still need to tweak the design (the text is a bit pixilated) but hopefully a quick ( I wish!) play in Photoshop when I get the chance and I'll get that sorted. I'll also try out a matte finish too as although the glossy finish looks great - it's attracting fingerprints and dust.

Now I just have to make some earrings to put on them! Pin It


Little Waltz said...

Oh the apron's a really really good idea! I'm all tempted now.

And Big W you say? I'm looking for some printing done up and these look so pretty I might have to head to Big W to have a quick test print!

Sarah said...

Nice job, Pam! The cards are looking fab =)

GetSilvered said...

Thanks :) Yes, our local Big W has those self serve machines where you can plug in your memory cards/flash drives etc. 4 x 6 prints are only 15 cents each!

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Sarah :)

taueret said...

the cards look fab- wouldn't have thought of that! Good luck getting them filled up with beautiful earrings!

Miss Dot said...

well done Pam you are more organised that I am! I am so glad you are joining Lotta and I, we will have such a great time.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Jane, but I'm going to have more than one pair of earrings, so I'd better get cracking!