Saturday, May 09, 2009

Texture Time!

I took some jewellery down to the shop last week. I had Mother's Day in mind when I made these. I'd been playing with my rolling mill and loved the effect that glass paper made on the silver. Very glitzy I thought, and I added a simple freshwater pearl to most of the designs, because, well.... Mums like pearls :)

The first corrugated design made me think of crinkle cut potato chips, not in real life but I couldn't help noticing it when I was resizing the photo. Maybe it's because I'm obsessing with food right now as I've cut out junk food and every time I walk past the pantry I see the chips in there calling out for me to eat them! No doubt about it - I'm tempted :(

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Amanda said...

Stunning Pam, I love them all but numbers two and three I love the most!! You are a creative genious!

GetSilvered said...

*blush* He He - thanks Amanda!

Miss Dot said...

oh the last pair! for sure!

they are brilliant!

wonder if Nicki will let me do that with the FAC roller? :-) She said I can use the disc cutter on my aluminium but I have to do it in isolation and clean up really well because it can cause piting on sterling if cross contaminated! yikes!

incalesco said...

It's a beautiful effect Pam and looks great with the pearls, I especially love #2

Valerie A. Heck said...

I love the texture on the last pair of earrings, it almost looks like they were dipped in something.