Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Beautiful Broome!.

In April we went up to Broome for a five day break. It's a couple of hours or so on the plane North of Perth.
Broome is just magic and has everything I love about our State's Northwest, I just love the colour of the ocean, the colour of the rocks and the pindan (red sand) and the fascinating plants! Here's some pics.......

From the plane as we crossed over the coast descending into Broome.

and the view from the veranda of our room at The Cable Beach Club - our own personal rainbow!

A neat twisted tree - have no idea what it is...

At Gantheaume Point - my favourite spot at Broome - loved this cool rock!

The beautiful Cable Beach

and finally can't go with out a Broome Sunset - taken from the Sunset Bar while enjoying a glass of wine!

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incalesco said...

I am a massive Broome lover too, and only 4 hours from Melb in peak season when they have direct flights. It is a magic spot!

GetSilvered said...

Great that they have direct flights from Melbourne incalesco.
We'd love to live up there - maybe one day when we retire. (dream!)

REread said...

sooo pretty ... My Brother lives 2 hours north of there I will have to go visit him sometime

GetSilvered said...

Oh yes reread, you have a great reason to go there :)