Sunday, October 19, 2008

Etsy Street Teams

I opened my Etsy store in 2006 and one of the things we do to promote ourselves and others on Etsy is to join Street teams.

I'm a member of several teams - Here they are:

The most recent one I joined is the Metal Smiths in Action Street team. It's members are talented silver and metal smiths - check them out here

Because of my love of Chainmaille, I'm also a member of the Chainmaillers Guild - Here's their blog

The others I'm part of don't promote a specific Craft or Art but more a location.
The DUST Team stands for The Down Under Street Team and is open to all Etsy Sellers in Australia. Lots of Aussie talent right here

Last but not least is my local Perth team - Made on The Left - they've formed a committee and are not only promoting Etsy but are supporting all things Art & Craft in Perth. They have run a successful Craft Market and the second one is coming up very soon. If you are a Perth Local, be sure to get along to the Hyde Park Hotel on November 15th. See their blog or website for more info.

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Her said...

don't you just love that poster?

I made your spinach potato fritata today, Yum! I only had one potato so I added some sweated leeks and then I sprinkled pecorino cheese and toasted pine nuts on top, it was VERy well recieved. Thanks Pam

Youvegotmaille said...

And you are a wonderful addition to all of them! :)

By the way... you're TAGGED! (see my blog for your solemn responsibilities as a taggee)