Sunday, August 17, 2008

The Perfect Present!

I'm doing a lot of metal work these days and not using beads and stones so much lately, but my most favourite of the semi precious stones is Mookaite. The colours speak to me and ...well, it's a Western Australian Stone, so that makes it extra cool.

So, yesterday a few friends & I went out to breakfast to celebrate a couple of August Birthdays (mine included). My friend Pam bought me some real mookaite rocks - direct from the earth. She put them in a lovely arrangement with a candle on a dish.

She's recently been on a 4 wheel drive camping tour which took in in the Kennedy Ranges, which is here in Western Australia. While there she collected rocks herself from Mooka Creek.

I am so lucky that she chose to give me a hand picked selection of these beautiful stones - and that I have a friend that is so in tune with me that she would just pick out the "Perfect Present"! So thank you Pam :)

The picture is of my present with the "raw" rocks and the candle and in front of that are some of the beautiful Mookite beads I have in my bead stash. Ha Ha! Some that were prepared earlier - so to speak! Pin It

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