Saturday, August 09, 2008

Broome Holiday

First of all - here's the reason we went to Broome - to celebrate our daughter's 21st with her - she went off backpacking in April and got a job there and hasn't moved on....yet....
Here she is with her new best friend Dom............!!!!

Our baby has grown into a delightful, independent, young lady whom we are so very proud of :)

Words can't describe the beauty of the coastline in the Kimberley - this pic was at Gantheaume Point, not far from Broome.

Apart from seeing our lovely daughter, the lure of the ocean was a bonus for Mr he is showing off his spoils from a day on the beautiful azure ocean

But it wasn't all blue skies and Azure oceans - we had fun at ladies day for the Broome Racing Carnival - nothing like the combo of alcohol, horses, designer labels and red dust! I won $45 on my first bet.....and promptly lost it all on subsequent bets, but it was better than losing my own money!

The hat was too big I might add (I'm the short person!), and is a little worse for wear after being shoved in the suitcase for the trip home!

Finally I'll finish this post with another shot taken from Gantheaume point - I honestly think this is God's own country and my little holiday snaps no way do it justice :)

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Miss Dot said...

oh I am beyond green with envy! loved the hat, it didn't look to big it looked very posh!

Get Silvered said...

Ha Ha,
Thanks Miss Dot - I'll have to go to a Melbourne Cup lunch now to wear it again.
The local Broome Shops were doing a roaring trade in hats, Dresses etc before Ladies Day.

All the women were dressed up to the nines and all the blokes were in jeans & T Shirts - at least they didn't wear singlets!

Odd Girl Out said...

Pam - you look gorgeous in your hat. I love the colours in Broome - amazing!

thetinylittlegirl said...

your daughter is beautiful!

and i love your hat, can't go wrong with a big hat!