Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dove's Mark 1 & Mark 2

Well I've still been playing with my saw. Here in Australia at the moment in jewellery there is a lot of animal silhouette shapes. Lots of swallow necklaces as well as Bambi style deers, cut from various materials such as perspex or wood or a mirror finish material. I think they'd all be laser cut.
This has inspired me to try my own shapes so I thought I'd try a dove.
I started with a dove stencil as my outline and I transferred it to brass sheet and saw cut it.
I soldered a loop on the back and suspended it from a neoprene necklace. I thought it looked pretty cool. I've been wearing it and had lots of compliments but it had a few sharp, pointy edges so I figured it wasn't marketable in it's present form. I guess I don't want my customers to stab themselves with my otherwise peaceful dove. So this one's a keeper - I promise I'll try not to stab myself.

So I set about redesigning the dove to be suitable for wearing as jewellery. This was no mean feat as I can't draw to save my life. After just about using a whole pad of paper and wearing out my eraser I managed to draw the Dove Mark 2.
Not too many differences but lots of soft edges and no sharp pointy bits....

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