Saturday, March 31, 2007

Bush Floor Pendant

There was a Bead & Gem show here in Perth this weekend and one of the exibitors makes furniture etc from recycled hardwood. He then uses his offcuts to make beads and makes them in all sorts of irregular shapes & sizes.
It's very eco friendly as he uses wood from the forest floor or from discarded timbers.
This pendant was one of a few I picked out .
It was screaming out to me to be teamed with some metal but I intentionally kept it simple so as not to detract from the beauty of the wood grain. I handsawed the the two metal shapes (nickel silver) to the shape of the wood's profile and textured it for interest. Then gave it a good polish. I love the contrast of the wood with the hard edged metal. I'm thrilled how this turned out. Pin It


Anonymous said...

Hi Little Sister
I just had to post a comment and say how great I think your designs are - (Middle Sister sent me the blog link:P..)Love the timber and the writing - you are so talented " proud puffing of chest" by big sister..
really looking forward to seeing you soon in sunny Queensland...of course if you felt like it - you could put some samples in your suicase!!:D Your Big Sister xx

Get Silvered said...

He He - Thanks Jan - see you soon!