Friday, February 14, 2014

I've moved to

Things have been a bit quiet here metal wise. I've been in a creative slump this year with my metalwork, hence the lack of posts.

Fortunately, It's been calling out to me lately and I hope to be dusting off the tools very soon  :)

I've been keeping busy with other crafts though, mostly papercraft and cardmaking - I got a new cutting machine last year (Silhouette Cameo).  I enjoy designing in the software and it's something I can do in the evenings while I watch TV.  I started a new blog for all that as I feared it wouldn't interest my metal followers but I've decided to move both blogs to my own domain and in the future put everything there, whether it's Metal, Paper or other crafts.

I can see the potential to use the cutting machine to make textures from cardstock to use in the rolling mill or to cut shapes in vinyl as an etching resist. I've already cut acetate stencils with my machine and used them for enamelling.  I want to explore all these possibilities further.

I have decided though, that I'll keep the archived content of my Metalsmith journey here in the one spot, although all my future projects will be at

I'd like to thank all my followers and subscribers for sticking with me (especially in the quiet times) and invite you over to my new place. I hope you'll subscribe over at GetSilvered too so you won't miss my metal comeback when it happens :)


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