Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Works in progess.

On a week's break from class so here's a snippet of some other projects I'm working on.

I pulled apart our broken toaster to salvedge the Stainless Steel outer casing. Hope to saw & pierce out some simple shapes in the not too distant future from the sheet. It's 0.5mm.

I'm also working on making a little round pill box/trinket box. The sort with a friction fit lid. Had no idea how but just jumped in anyway.

That's the lid on the left - I sweat soldered the outer piece to the inner piece when they were just flat strips. Bit like a stepped bezel really, but inside out ;) On the right is the base piece which when soldered will fit over the inner part perfectly....well in a perfect world! In reality it didn't. I thought I'd measured and cut correctly but darn - obviously I didn't!

Earlier in class the lecturer saw the lid and suggested an easier method to get a matching top & base: Start with one piece of tube and saw it to make two parts exactly the same diameter. So I put the lid to one side and reused the base piece to try it out. Funnily enough I'd thought of this earlier and abandoned the idea as too difficult, which was why I did it the other way. Well I got that arse about eh! LOL

I scribed a mark around the tube with my calipers and clamped the tube in the vice, just sawing a little at a time along the line on the top of the tube then repositioning the tube to continue sawing the next bit of the line. This went suprisingly smoothly and Voila! in no time: 2 pieces!

 Next step is to fit in the inner lip in the lid (or the base - don't think it matters which one?) Then solder on a top and bottom plate.

I'll let you know how i get on ;) ......................

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Miss Dot said...

glad to hear I am not the only one that looks at things like a toaster and says "how can I reuse it?" :-)

GetSilvered said...

All I've sawn out so far is a couple little squares. It's easy to saw but tougher to file. I'm using old files though - don't want to ruin my good ones.