Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Drawn Out!

 TAFE: Weeks 21, 22 & 23.

Back at Tafe for Semester 2, we're 3 weeks in and for the first 2 weeks didn't touch a tool or a torch! Well that's unless you consider a pencil a tool!

We've been learning the practical aspects of design, particularly rendering jewellery designs with a little bit of tech drawing thrown in.

This may seem basic but it's been many years since my high school art, so it was new to me - first the basics of shading, light source etc

Then with coloured pencils

Later we learnt how to draw twisted wire and a chain

More drawing practise, this time learning the best colours to use for rendering in gold & silver then learning the tech methods of drawing a ring to scale.


Then the pencils were put away and at last some tools came out - hmmm, wax carving tools. And now for the piece that took a day and a half out of my life!!
The cord piece was the model and we had to carve a 3D model of the knot from a block of wax. I found this incredibly difficult and it was a great relief to finally finish it, having confirmed my suspicion that I'll never make the cut as a sculptor!

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Miss Dot said...

well done Pam! that looks fantastic.