Monday, May 31, 2010


I've looked back through my posts so far this year which have been few and far between and I can't help noticing that I was Gunna Do this or Gunna Do that.
Well I'm reporting back and to tell the truth not a lot of it has been done.
For instance I haven't touched the negative scanner that I blogged about in January, it is sitting here mocking me as it gathers dust. In fact it's dropped of the To Do List indefinitely now!
In that same post I mentioned Decluttering and Healthier eating etc. The Decluttering is an ongoing thing - sort of one step forward and two steps back. The more I get rid of,  it seems the more other "stuff" comes into the house -usually via the other family members! It's like the universe is saying to every piece of stuff  "Hey come over here - we've got some free space to fill now - you'll fit right in!"
The good news from that blog post is I've decluttered a couple of kilos, I'm exercising fairly regularly and I'm generally healthier than I was then!

My blog post in March I was gunna create wonders with my new dies and the hyraulic press - well I did manage to create a mess!

My hydraulic press is manual and I obviously gave it one too many cranks as I broke the die and the metal cut through in places - that was not meant to happen! Shame because that was my favourite shape but I do still  have the large size and the small size die left to play with later....probably a lot later.........

It's not all negative though, I've had sporadic bursts of creativity and made myself a ring with an enamel dome I made when I first got my kiln last June, when the kiln was my hot blogging topic and I was gunna do lots of enamelling.
Here it is:

I really want to fire up the kiln again and start experimenting with more enamel work but well.........I'm not gunna make any promises about when!! Pin It


Amanda said...

I'm sure you'll get there Pam, your work is beautiful. I love that ring!

lisa_crofts said...

I love that ring. I decluttered with the help of a book called Its all too much! It gives you strategies to work through the decluttering as a family and it is a quick read.

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Amanda. I've had a couple of productive days recently - my whinge must have done me good :)

GetSilvered said...

Thanks Lisa for the heads up on that book. I've just checked it out on Amazon - Looks good, it's certainly getting some rave reviews.